Online investment and wealth management platform Paytm Money officially announced the appointment of Varun Sridhar as its new Chief Executive Officer. He will be leading the launch and development of the equity brokerage apart from growing its existing services.

Varun Sridhar shared, “ At Paytm Money, I hope to build along with a fantastic team the most cost-effective and consumer-friendly products and experience for investors and traders. The wealth management and financial service solutions that Paytm is building are transforming the lives of millions of Indians and are relevant globally as well."Varun Sridhar

Varun Sridhar, CEO, Paytm Money

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Varun has led the digital transformation journey of some of the top retail banks in India and abroad. Most recently, he served as the CEO of FinShell India, where he launched realme PaySa, a fintech platform on mobile. Prior to this role, he was with BNP Paribas for close to eight years, where amongst other assignments, he supported the acquisition of Sharekhan.

Under his leadership, Paytm Money will continue to simplify, innovate, and bring wealth management products to millions of Indians. Varun will be reporting to Amit Nayyar, President at Paytm.

“Paytm Money is on a mission to empower millions of Indians with wealth management products. We are very excited to welcome Varun, whose experience in retail banking, broking, and wealth segment would help us accelerate our goals. I look forward to working closely with him to expand Paytm Money further," said Amit.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Paytm Money has over 300 employees. It claims to have more than six million users on its platform, availing direct mutual funds and NPS.

The company also announced that Amit Kapoor has joined as the new CFO and Vice President. Prior to this role, Amit was working the CFO at life insurance company Aviva India.

In the next 12 to 18 months, Paytm Money aims to invest Rs 250 crore as it plans to launch new businesses, including the equity brokerage during the current financial year.

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We obviously talk a lot about watches here at Bob’s – everything from what the celebrities are wearing to what to buy and how to care for your watch. But our friends at Kelly Klee are focused on a different aspect of watches: how to insure them. As a private client insurance brokerage, Kelly Klee helps clients insure their valuables, such as art collections, vintage cars, vacation homes, and luxury watches.

Recently, we spoke to the folks at Kelly Klee to talk all about watches. We discuss everything from getting into the business to the love of collecting, and how to build a valuable collection. You can read the full feature article in full on the Kelly Klee website, but here are some of the highlights that we think you will enjoy. 

Advice for New Collectors

“Always buy quality. Quality assets long term always go up in value – whether it’s real estate, art, a car, or a watch,” Bob’s Watches Founder and CEO, Paul Altieri told Kelly Klee. And for newbie collectors he had some sage words of advice, “Buy something that’s original, that’s in great condition, and make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller.”

Watch Collecting Tips Value and Collectability Vintage Rolex GMT-Master 6542 Bakelite

Advice for Seasoned Collectors

However, many Kelly Klee clients are actually avid watch collectors, sometimes with decades-old collections like Paul, who says his personal collection has transformed dramatically over the years. “Most of my models are Rolex. But recently I started buying more and more gold watches to keep. For me, I am a little more selective; I don’t wear my gold watches as much as steel. But, lately, I’ve been buying more gold vintage watches as investments.”

For those fellow collectors who have serious luxury watch collections, Paul said the most important thing is to avoid the trends. “Don’t buy what someone else likes, and do your research.” And in terms of what watches Paul thinks are a good investment right now, he zeroed in on Omega and Rolex. “With Rolex, there are some watch models that are on the fringe, where they’re very affordable and turning vintage soon,” Paul confided. “Think of GMT or Submariner models like the 16800, 168000, 16710 – these are all very affordable today and can only go up in value.”

Watch Collecting Tips Value and Collectability Vintage Rolex Daytona 6263

Why watch collections are so unique

Kelly Klee helps clients ensure all sorts of collections and valuables. However, as Paul explained, there’s something really unique and special about a watch collection. “To me, watches are cool because they’re affordable compared to cars or art. You know, you can add one, or two, or three more zero’s when you get into these other collections,” Paul told Kelly Klee. “But aside from that, it’s a wearable item. I can’t wear my car – I can’t wear that Picasso.”

Watch collections as an investment

Finally, many Kelly Klee clients not only buy watches as accessories but also as investment pieces. Paul said that if you want to purchase certain pieces as investments, you have to focus on luxury watches that are high-quality and produced in finite quantities – like models from Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet (among others). “Especially in terms of vintage watches, historically, they’ve all gone up in value,” Paul explained. “They’ve proven to be tremendous investments. But it’s also about quality – original timepieces that have been taken care of over the years, maybe something that’s even unpolished. If it has the box and papers it’s kind of cool – but more importantly, it’s high quality.”

Watch Collecting Tips Value and Collectability Vintage Rolex Submariner 5513

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