Blog Niche Ideas: How To Choose The Most Profitable Blog Niche

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Today I want to shine some light on the importance of blog niches. So if you’re going to start a blog that makes money, this article is right up your street!I’ll start at the beginning by defining what a blog niche is and why it’s important to choose the right niche for your blog.

Then I’ll cover 3 main aspects of blogging niches:

Firstly, I want to introduce you to the blogging niches within blogging niches.Secondly I’ll talk about which niches are the most profitable to write in and how to find them.And thirdly, I’ll list some of the different blog categories that we call blogging niches. And give you a few examples, from each macro niche, of blogs that hit the big time (in their chosen nano niche). Most of the blogs I mention are between 5 and 10 years old and started small. They are still going and are all profitable.

When it comes to blogging, the “blogosphere” is your oyster.

Remember: Everything is connected. Your blog niche, your blog name, your blog post titles, your blog topic, your blog content, and your target audience should align.

Blog niches ideas

Before we get to the heart of it all, a quick clarification.

What are blog niches? What is niche blogging?

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It’s become normal to refer to blog categories as blog niches. It’s not really accurate, but for all intents and purposes, let’s just go with the majority votes here.

Blog niches describe the genres that separate one general topic from another, in a broad sense (the total opposite of what niche means).

As a noun, a niche is defined as a recess in a wall, originally used for housing statues.

Meanwhile, as an adjective, it is defined as “ interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.” And bloggers who specialize by writing in these “small pockets” are known as niche bloggers.

Mmm, so if the blogosphere were a wall, full of niches, then every “niche” would house a blog category! Ha! So it is quite accurate, after all. Thanks for staying with me through that small quandary.

And then, in each niche, there would be like 100 other niches to house all the different blog subcategories.

Okay, let’s move on.

Why choose a niche? Won’t a general blog appeal to more people and bring me more traffic?

Choosing a niche gives you advantages.


It keeps you focused on a topic, so it’s easier to create content. And with good content, your readers keep coming back for more of the same.

Build a reputation

By committing to a niche, you send a strong message to your audience. This is my domain. This is what I know. Let me teach you. So you become recognized as an expert in that field.

However, choosing a niche doesn’t mean you have to be an expert from the get-go. But when you constantly research and write about a specific topic you enjoy, you will become one.


Your interest in your topic will keep your content fresh. You won’t get bored writing about things you find interesting, challenging, and beneficial to you, not only as a blogger but as a human being. Your readers will pick up on the authenticity, and that’s what keeps them coming back.

Build an audience

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It is easier to grow an audience from within a niche. Just as it is in life, you’re not going to look for bacon in the fresh fruit section of the supermarket. You won’t find what you want. So it’s the same with your blog. It needs to be in the right “aisle.”

Easier to monetize

Why? When you write in a niche, your target audience is specific. So the products (e-books, courses, etc.) you sell, the affiliate links, the ads you promote, and your content align.

What comes first, the topic, or the niche?

To have a successful blog, you need to choose your niche carefully. You need to select a topic you love but also a profitable niche.

A successful blog needs to be well-thought-out. The best place to start is by researching the various blog niches. Therefore make 3 lists:

Of the most popular genres.The most profitable blogging niches.And the last, a list of topics that excite you or that you know a lot about.

This will lead you to a shortlist of possible niches.

What are the 3 most important factors when choosing a niche for your blog?

Know your audience. Know their mindset. What are they looking for? Find a niche that can improve people’s lives, teach them something, or solve a problem. (This is why “How-to-blogs” do so well.)Be passionate about your topic. It always helps to have some knowledge, but it’s not essential.Have a strategy to monetize. Will it be easy to monetize? How many income revenues can you generate through this niche?

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of niche blogging.

Defining blogging niches within blogging niches – The key to a profitable blog

If you are familiar with content marketing, you’ve probably heard of mega, macro, micro, and nano influencers. Within social media circles, these influencers yield different degrees of power over their peers. And their influence, in turn, affects the sales, promotion, and popularity of products, brands, services, and blogs.

Like influencers, niches can be categorized according to the traffic they generate. For instance, mega-influencers (think mainstream celebrities) have more than 1 million followers. And nano influencers have between 100 and 1 000 (1 000 and 10 000 for blogs). But interestingly enough, these mega influencers don’t do as much for a brand or blog as it would seem. It is, in fact, the nano influencers that yield the most influence.

Blog niches

The same principle can be applied to blog niches. A blog niche refers to a blog with specific content aimed at a particular target audience. When you start a blog, it is the nano-niche that you want to focus on first. I’ll give you an example, using Sport as a category.

The macro niche is Sport. It is broad and generalized, and under this heading, absolutely anything to do with Sport can be found.

The macro blog niche is going to remain broad, and it’s from this niche you start refining the concept of your blog.

Topic comes next

Choosing your topic comes next. Do you want to focus on sporting events, or do you want to focus on the health, fitness, and nutrition of athletes? This could include how different sports require different training programs, different skills, different diets, etc.

You can focus on sports news and cover topics like baseball, football, or boxing. Do you want to talk about one sport only? Or maybe do you want to focus on famous sportsmen (and women!) throughout history or the Olympics only? Do you want to talk about weight lifting? Can you see how the broad subject begins to narrow? This is called the microblogging niche.

Say you settle on a micro-niche like weight lifting, but you want to concentrate on women in weight lifting. This is where you start to cross over into the nano niche. And this is where you will find your core audience. Once you identify your target audience, you are set to go.

But what if you only want to focus on Asian Female Weight Lifters? Even better! You have found your nano niche, and you can create as much content as you possibly can within this niche. Eventually, you will either run out of viable content in this niche, but so what. You haven’t even scratched the surface of the slightly more general, but still niche, the topic of female weightlifters in the rest of the world!

When you reach the stage of identifying what your nano niche is, you’ll be so excited. It is much easier now to find the first ten or twenty titles for your content calendar. And once you decide on your macro blog niche, you can start thinking of a crowd-pleasing, attention-grabbing, dot-com-ending blog name of note!

Example of a niche within a niche, to find your first series of topics (nano)

Macro niche: SportMicro niche: WeightliftingNano niche: Asian Women Weightlifters

Remember:When you choose a blog name, don’t use your nano niche in the title. With your blog/domain name, you want your macro and micro-niche reflected. But not the nano.

What are the most profitable blogging niches of 2020, so far?

A blog that offers value to readers by solving real-world problems will become profitable.

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If a blog is generating less than $2 000 per month, it is seen as a “hobby blog.” Once it starts bringing in $2 000, and more, every month, it has crossed the threshold into a “profitable blog.”

According to Brandon Gaille’s Blog Millionaire podcast, the 6 most profitable blog niches are:

Personal Finance blogsMarketing (especially Digital Marketing) blogsFood blogsLifestyle blogsMommy blogsTravel blogsBut they are by no means always at the top. Other profitable niches include:Beauty/Fashion blogsNews/Politics blogsTechnology blogsHealth/Fitness blogsMusic/Movies/Entertainment blogs

And there is no set-in-stone formula to turn a blog into profit. Of course, there are tried and tested methods, well over 15 last time I checked. But each niche will have certain income generators and revenue streams that work better or don’t work at all, for that niche.

And if you want to blog in a niche that is not recognized as a profitable niche, you can still do it. You may be the one that makes a profit from your specific niche because you find perfect solutions to problems you and your readers are looking for.

How to find a blog niche that makes money (5 Easy Steps)

1. How unique is your niche?

Once you have your niche, make a list of possible blog titles. How many blogs exist in this niche? Can you come up with original angles and unique content?

Can your knowledge and experience solve common problems?

2. Conduct thorough market research

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Aim the marketing research at your specific blog niche, your nano-niche. Are other bloggers in this niche generating over $2 000 per month? How much traffic is getting generated per day/week/month?

Are other blogs in this niche making money? What methods are they employing? Ads, affiliate marketing, online courses, e-books?

3. Identify your target audience

You must identify who your target audience is. What questions do they have, and what problems do they want you to solve? What do they want to learn about? Do they fit a certain demographic?

4. Find out profitable keywords

Find out what the most profitable keywords are for your niche (both in terms of traffic and for generating revenue). By identifying 5 to 15 significant keywords, you can plan a list of titles for your content calendar.

5. Solve real-world problems

Use sites like, Reddit, and Quora to see what questions people are typing into Google’s search bar.

Can you solve these problems and answer their questions?

In short, as you can see, the easiest way to get your niche to become profitable is to give readers what they want. Answers to questions. Instructions on how to do things. Ways to improve themselves.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Right?

List of the Top 7 Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2020.

The blog niches listed below all do well. They speak to various niche audiences. These macro niches are popular and often saturated. But finding a niche within these niches can often be a pot of gold.

Make a list of your top 5 blogging niches. Do any of these correlate with your favorite topics? Or any of the profitable blogging niches? Can you see possible problems to solve? Can you spot a gap in the market that is untapped?

1. Food Blogs

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Whether it’s eating, cooking, drooling, creating, photographing, comparing, reviewing, or growing, food is always an essential and a passion globally.Grill, stew, sauté, fry, raw, steamed, organic, processed, extravagant, frugal, expensive, cheap, healthy, decadent, baking, healing – Food! Glorious Food!Dishes from around the world, famous chefs, history of recipes, where food grows. This niche is crammed with nano niches to discover and blog about.

Food blogMinimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker: 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 30 minutes to prepare.

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes: Uncomplicated, delicious budget meals

Beyond Frosting

Beyond Frosting: Baking

I just had a brainwave! How about a blog dedicated solely to baking for pets? I can’t find a blog like this.

Profitable blog alert!!!

2. Personal Finance blog niche

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Times are tough; people have lifestyles to maintain and ambitions to achieve. Children cost money, and the future must be planned for. We love to take trips, buy gifts, socialize. Everything we do revolves around money. We want to save, budget, invest, grow our money. Anyone with a background in finance, investment, or insurance will find this niche a great platform.

Blog nichesBible Money Matters

Bible Money Matters: Managing money from a biblical perspective.

Blog niches - personal finanseBudgets are Sexy

Budgets are Sexy: Started in 2008, focus on budgeting and saving.

Best blog

Frugalwoods: Financial independence. Debt-free living. Alternative lifestyle.

3. Travel – blog niche

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Travel on a budget, travel in style, digital nomads, travel photography, gypsy living, van life, adventure travel, travel for work.

On the other hand, where to stay, what to eat, where to shop, what to see. Also, beach destinations, destination weddings, surf trips, pilgrimages, culture, food, travel costs, travel agencies, eco-travel. Solo travel, group tours, female travel.

There are so many travel niches to blog in. Find your own. Gastro-tourism, walking holidays, themed cruises, bucket list trips, survivalist holidays, summer camps for kids.

Expert Vagabond - travel blog nicheExpert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond: Adventure travel, travel photography, nomadic living

Nomadic Matt best travel blogNomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt: Travel cheap, travel smart.

Couple of Men - blog nichesCouple of men

Couple of Men: LGBTQ travel destinations and guides

4. Fashion blog niche

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Fashion is more than just the latest styles in clothing. It is reflected in the way people live, eat, work, wear, and play. Fashion dictates trends. Social media has revolutionized the fashion industry.

Many top designers and corporate fashion houses remain skeptical towards the thousands of amateur- experts that blog on fashion. But their skepticism means nothing. Because fashion is always changing, and nano influencers are setting the tone.

Many fashion bloggers have created businesses from their fashion blogs. Proof that this can be a profitable niche.

Style Bubble - blog nichesStyle Bubble

Style Bubble: Personal style, great blog posts, and pics. Susie Lau rocks this niche.

Wendy's Lookbook fashion blogWendy’s Lookbook

Wendy’s Lookbook: Stunning, stylish, personal.

Articles of - blog nicheArticles of style

Articles of Style: Men’s fashion blog.

5. Marketing – specifically Digital Marketing

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This niche is literally exploding at the moment. And for obvious reasons. The stats tell us 4000 blogs get published per minute. It sounds unbelievable. But the truth is stranger than fiction. This is the niche that every blogger needs help from. So this niche is solving 4000 problems per minute! LOL!

Online entrepreneurs, work from home, how to blog, SEO, data-driven marketing, analytics, strategies, multimedia resources.

This niche is profitable if you have software to sell, courses to offer, online workshops, a podcast, and affiliate marketing to boost your revenue. But for the most part, it’s not a profitable niche for the vast majority of new bloggers coming up. Check out your competition.

PSFK -  Digital Marketing blog nichePSFK

PSFK: Specializing in trends and innovation for leading brands and retailers. Their blog also covers tech and gadgets.

The Moz Blog: SEO and inbound marketing blog.

SPISmart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income: Pat Flynn is a classic example of how you can change your career and life around through blogging and online marketing.

6. Lifestyle – blog niche

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This niche is as wide as the ocean. You will find a smorgasbord of blogs covering all sorts of lifestyles.

From frugal/minimalist/downsize living to chic, sophisticated, high-class lifestyles to off-the-grid/homesteading, to digital nomadic existences and globetrotting hotspotting, it’s all here.

Lifestyle blogs combine careers, gardening, travel, parenting, food, and whatever else the lifestyle blogger fancies and is passionate about.

Popular blogs for womenA Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo: Joanna Goddard is a lifestyle blogging goddess. #Trailblazer #GirlPower.

Barefoot Blonde - Lifestyle blogBarefootBlonde

Barefoot Blonde: Amber Fillerup Clark is a mom, a wife, and another kick-ass blogger of note. Barefoot Blonde has been going for almost a decade. Inspirational, fresh, and wholesome.

This wild heartArticles of style

This Wild Heart: A blend of motherhood, recipes, travel, and home decor. Esther is wild at heart.

7. Mom/Dad/Parenting blogs niche

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It doesn’t seem like people are going to stop having babies anytime soon! So this niche is a winner for monetizing. Mom blogs are borderline lifestyle blogs as they focus on all things baby/toddler/teenager. And cover health, nutrition, household hacks, parenting styles, education, and even gardening. There is a huge focus on natural living.

Free-Range KidsFree-Range Kids

Free-Range Kids: Raising self-reliant kids.

The best blogs in DIY categoryWellness Mama

Wellness Mama: Founded by Katie Wells, she has made a name for herself as a health and wellness expert in this niche.

Persona blog - Dad or AliveDad or

Dad or Alive: Great example of a nano niche. Dad blogs are growing in number though, as dad bloggers discover this profitable niche.

Want to try blogging in a different niche?

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These blog niches can be profitable if you find a nano niche that you know you can create great content for, and grow an audience from there.

Technology blogsPersonal Development blogsHealth blogsFitness blogsBeauty blogsGardening blogsDIY blogsPet blogsSpiritual/Christian blogsAutomotive blogsSport blogs

The Final Curtain

Always bear in mind that these categories exist to organize topics loosely. Often these macro blogging niches will overlap. There are no hard and fast rules, or blog police, only guidelines and formulas that have worked for others.

Do You Want to Start Your Blog?

Check out my free step-by-step guide How to Start a Blog.


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