We built this solution to address the needs of Economic Development teams and agencies. There’s no organization like yours, so why not find a bespoke CRM solution that’s tailored to your precise needs? If you’re looking for a robust, cost effective CRM solution that aligns with your economic development initiatives, schedule a demo by clicking the button below. Our cloud solution cloud team also provides backup and disaster-recovery plans, encryption, and after-hours updates which reduce downtime, safeguard customer data, and bolster network security. Regardless of system customization, all our clients across the US and Canada are on the latest version of ExecutivePulse. Our customers expect proactive enhancements, the introduction of new features, and bug fixes.

We selected for economic development to be our “expert in one”. Our team gets excited about every community we have the honor of contributing to. We take a personal interest in your success.

HubSpot Marketing + CRM for Economic Development Organizations from Convergence, LLC

Create company and contact records for all of your allies and partners. Track referrals to partners – measure outcomes. Easily collaborate with allies and partners as needed. Target and connect with companies that you want to meet with for your annual BRE meeting. Capture data but more importantly, capture Opportunity to Help. Manage available site locations and perform site matching for Econ Dev projects based on prospect needs.

crm for economic development

Another example is the CRM within the Synchronist Suite, which also provides a variety of other economic development-related resources. Other relevant CRM software include Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, SageCRM, and, of course, early market trailblazers like SAP and Salesforce. ExecutivePulse is the only customer relationship management system developed by economic developers, for economic developers. We’ve created technology with a real-world understanding of the specific needs, opportunities, and challenges of our industry. Apply incentives, perform SWOT Analysis, report on social capital, comply with privacy and security regulations, and much more. The solution completely covers all requirements of many economic development organizations, and further customizations and enhancements can be made to address more complex needs. for Economic Development.

Salesforce CRM ensures all information is captured, ensuring critical data is captured for use today and in future use. Small organizations looking for an affordable, simple system that doesn’t bind them to an enterprise-priced product. Conrin does more than standard implementations. Clients get to select what they really need. There is truth to the phrase “jack of all trades, expert in none”.

crm for economic development

The general function of a CRM platform is to help the salesperson, or in this case, an economic developer, to streamline their daily sales activities. This can mean anything from organizing and storing important contact information for prospects, all the way to creating and automating strategic marketing campaigns. The prosperity of every community is tied to economic development.

Economic Development CRM

Clients are presented with multiple solutions, which allows them to select the correct “fit” for their organization. Choices allow clients to be comfortable with their decision. Great technology is only part of the equation. User training is critical, as is long term support.

We remove what you don’t need vs. spending your $$$ building out software. HubSpot is optimized for economic development organizations. Manage all types of economic development projects and the details you need to track. Townfolio’s economic development software and platform features. With over a decade of implementing for economic developers, Conrin understands the industry and best practices necessary to support its clients.

crm for economic development

Track where your leads come from and track all outbound referrals to your strategic alliances / partners. Measure your outcomes – know what’s paying off. Many HubSpot users have seen productivity increased by 15% when they had mobile access to CRM applications. Tying reps to a CRM system that can only be accessed via laptop is bound to annoy them, especially if they’re in a role that requires travel.

Our Software Works for…

The Conrin Salesforce solution ensures this investment is identified for future use. Captures contact-specific touchpoints -such as email history, meetings, and tasks. All economic developers have access to this history, allowing them to be prepared for the next contact interaction. Does your ED organization need to do a better job of measuring, tracking and reporting Progress, Success and Momentum.

The majority of CRM systems today allow people to log on to the application from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones — make sure the ones you’re considering do as well. A person who has to toggle back and forth between several different systems to view and complete their daily tasks is not a happy person . CRM systems that include task management capabilities streamline your team member’s day-to-day workflow and help them keep on top of their follow up.

The goal of implementing a CRM is to create a system that your sales and marketing teams can use to more efficiently and effectively interact with prospects or customers. We support a regional economic development approach and collaboration with a special build for regional group. I just left the state economic development team and my colleagues would kill to use this over the salesforce system they are suffering with.” To give our clients the best performance and security options available, we utilize industry-leading, third-party hosting companies. There is no CRM vendor in our industry who provides more passionate, hands-on technical and training support than ExecutivePulse. Just ask the customers who actively use our CRM.

Let EDC Forge augment your core CRM system. Let our system, and custom-designed forms, be a valuable sidecar to the existing workflow you already have in motion. While the initial implementation provides the foundation for a successful CRM program, it is not the end of the process. End-user and system administrator training is necessary for long-term success. Regular “health checks” ensure feature use is maximized. The bottom line is Conrin partners with its clients for the long haul, long after the initial rollout has been completed.

crm for economic development

From traveling to conferences, meeting with potential investors and businesses, and visiting sites, economic developers are rarely stagnant. Which is why the Pipedrive CRM has a mobile app that allows you to access your deals and contact information even when you’re on the road. Conrin’s custom application, based on the platform, provides solutions specifically designed for economic developers. And this isn’t just beneficial to sales; it’s beneficial to marketing as well.

Track Referrals

Conduct online surveys to capture and report on data. Create new surveys in minutes and watch the data roll in. If you track assists – we help you track KPI’s and outcomes. Sales pipeline, renewals, invoicing, gifts in kinds, and investor onboarding to boost retention. Track incentive packages offered and the process to secure incentives. Track company compliance with incentives provided.

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When you connect the site to HubSpot it gets 10x better. You will be able to track your ROI on the website. We also connect to the GIS systems on the market today as well.

Incentives & Compliance

For instance, anyone using a CRM won’t have to hunt through their email to remember where conversation left off. There are a few companies that have developed CRM software for economic developers. In general, CRM software is designed to track Sales opportunities.

The mobile app’s streamlined interface provides a suite of communication, management, and search features. The current version of the mobile app also gives you the ability to add information about companies, contacts and more on the fly. If so, send it our way and we’ll customize your CRM with it. Branding is a vital component to high impact, “board ready” analytics & reports as well as email communications in the ExecutivePulse CRM platform. Many of our customer systems throughout the US and Canada sport multiple branding elements that users can “toggle” depending on their needs for communication and reports. The team at Townfolio understands how busy economic developers can get.

Implement your perfect system to compete and win against tough competitors. Before all else, a CRM system should be useful to its end users. Incentive and Project compliance- particularly valuable if your organization bears responsibility for following up on results vs. promises.

Economic Development™ for Dynamics 365 CRM

The smaller companies won’t be able to offer as much as the larger companies in this regard as well. Make sure that you have the ability lock in the cost for multiple years. This is done by companies that have partnered with these software companies. The companies are referred to as Certified Implementation Partners, or Partners. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you choose the best system for your organization.

Contact Management

And last but not least, integration between your marketing and sales platform is crucial. After all, the underlying concept of “customer relationship management” is to provide a complete lifecycle view into each prospect and client. A gap between marketing automation and CRM can lead to lost information and lost opportunities. Initially developed for salespeople, most CRM software was designed for sales teams. Because we are economic developers, you don’t have to explain the “hows and whys” to us. We understand this industry and your endgame.