* A new lawsuit claims that Chipotle restaurants are not providing customers with appropriate change when they pay for meals in cash. Maybe they are charging more for guac now? [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

* Utah is allowing individuals without law licenses to offer legal services under certain circumstances. [Desert News]

* A federal judge has halted a lawsuit aimed at challenging Pennsylvania’s mail-in-voting plans for the upcoming election. [Hill]

* A lawyer accidentally offered $10,000 to settle a case instead of the intended $100,000 and this lower number was accepted. This attorney should review the law surrounding scrivener’s error… [Daily Business Review]

* Check out this profile of a patent lawyer who became a professional poker player. [Card Player]

* A lawyer in Texas will appear at a jury trial virtually while his adversary attends the trial in person. The virtual attendee should consider hiring a surrogate to appear in person in his place. [Texas Lawyer]

Original Source: abovethelaw.com

* Legal Sea Foods has filed a lawsuit against their insurer over business interruption insurance. Bet they hope the denial of their claim was just a “fluke.” [Boston Herald]

* A judge has dismissed a lawsuit stemming from a sex tape involving Kevin Hart. Sounds like this could form the basis of another Jumanji sequel. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

* The Department of Justice has dropped criminal charges against Michael Flynn. [AP]

* A federal appeals court has ruled on legal fees to be doled out in the NFL concussion litigation. Don’t remember lawyers being involved in the Will Smith movie… [Legal Intelligencer]

* Tara Reade, who accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault, has hired a lawyer who represented six Harvey Weinstein victims. [New York Magazine]

* Zoom will start cracking down on Zoombombing in a deal with the New York Attorney General. Will Ferrell should still be allowed to crash Zoom calls… [NPR]

Original Source: abovethelaw.com