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I transfer money to my savings account then pretend it doesn’t exist, and that strategy paid for a $4,000 European vacation


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My savings strategy is simple: I transfer money out of my checking account into an online savings account with a higher rate of return — and then pretend it doesn’t exist.
I learned this strategy when I worked a full-time job and taxes, insurance, and retirement savings would come out of my paycheck before I even saw the money.
Now, I’ve been able to fund trips abroad, cover expensive car repairs, and build a robust emergency fund by pretending I don’t have any money.
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To save money, I act like I don’t have any. 

That may sound odd. Let me explain. First, I actually like putting away money. As a child, I had my own little bank in the shape of a mailbox. I remember it being a gift from my grandfather, who’d worked for the United States Postal Service. I’d slide coins into the shiny mailbox and grew up learning that it was important to have my own money so I could take care of myself.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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